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harith ami & muhriz

The three of us play hide and seek at home all the time.Muhriz is always the seeker sebab kalau dia sembunyi pon he will end up coming out from his hiding place after 30 sec hahaha.kalau die sembunyi,he will always hide at the same spot and is clearly visible huhu.Pastu siap tutup muka dgn tangan.I've read before yg kids buat macam tue sebab they think if they can't see us,neither can we,hihi cuteness!
But i donot mind to always be the hiding one.To be pursued is to be loved.Muhriz will look from one room to another while calling out "Ma ma,Ma ma" arghhh the joy of being cared for.Sometimes i just hide myself to distract him from doing something,macam tgh sepahkan laundry!Upon hearing "Muhriz,cari mama!" He immediately leaves everything,and start searching.Mmg kecoh lah kenit tue.
If he needs help,i'll shout out "Mama sini lah sayang".Biasanya die akan jumpa.You should see his face when he finds me.The reunion is a tremendous joy and I can see how proud he is to discover me!=p I hope he'll learn something from the game besides having fun.I hope it reminds him that separation can be temporary and reunification is possible.Children these days enjoy too much time on techno toys,so why not spend few mins with your kids playing hide and seek,no IPAD can offer you the suspense and fun!


bibi yusof said...

amiey bb dah risau dah ngan ali ni.. asyik duk ngadap ipod je tgk upin ipin.. pantang nampak ipod..rase nak buang/sorok je... tapi that thing boleh distract die dr kaco org kalo org nak wat keje.. hehe

Ami said...

Bibi,muhriz ami mmg control die tgk cartoon.Sebab ami lagi suka die main dgn toys,kalau bukak tv confirm tanak main sgt dgn toys.kalau kene sorok,sorok je bib!huhu

bibi yusof said...

ami.. ali tkmo main dah toys die.. die main mende yg org tk kasi main.. sapu sampah, bakul baju, senduk.. hahaha..
ipod skrang ni mlm2 je la.. tu la, bb dh sound hubby suh kurangkan bagi ali nengok ipod tu. die boleh layan upin ipin berjam jam.. nk sorok gak pas ni.. bagi tgk kalo duk dlm bilik je

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