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harith ami & muhriz

Festive season is here!In Deutschland, the Weihnachtsmarkt is not to be missed.
It is an alternative to the usual Christmas shopping experience,you know,shopping at the mall and whatnot.Everything at the market is so appealing;there are beautifully decorated stalls and Christmas tree,candle lights and traditional Christmas bakery and seasonal delights like the Lebkuchen and gingerbreads, roasted almond(Mandel) and cinnamon cookies.
Weihnachtsmarkt Augsburg started yesterday and I told hubby that this time, i wanted to see the mayor lights up the Christmas tree at the opening ceremony.645pm and the Augsburger started to flood the Rauthausplatz. It was getting colder but i insisted to wait!7pm and i started to shiver.The mayor was finally there but he was still talking after 10 mins,duhh byk ckp pulak.So i told hubby "tak apalah,the tree will light up the whole month anyway.We can just come again another day.Next time i'll buckle up properly,i promise!Jom balik rumah mkn nasi panas+sardin lagi sedap" huhu
Winter is supposed to be the most romantic season of the year but believe me,when you are out on a windy and chilling evening wearing thin clothes that don't keep you warm enough,you will wish it's summer!I normally put on 3 layers(if not more) when the temperature drops to O C. But i did not expect yesterday was that cold so off i went to the town with just a cotton top and jacket,padan muka ;p
Since we did not stay long,i only managed to capture this.The gigantic pipes are one of the bavaria's traditional musical instruments,i wonder how heavy those things are hihi.


zailamohamad said...

Ami, akak baru perasan comment akak akan keluar kat belah kanan tapi macam bertindan ngan gambar yang Ami letak kat tepi tu..tak tahulah kot2 pc akak je yg view macam ni..
btw, akak pun suka krismas time pasal shopping mall kat sini pun akan start buat decoration yg cantik2..rase macam dok obersea pon ade..hihihihi

Ami said...

tuh la k.ila,ami try gok bukok blog nie kat pc lain tapi mace ok.

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