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harith ami & muhriz

Euro780 for a one way ticket.Overly priced but they give me no other options.Malaysia Airlines or no claim!haihh habis tak bleh shopping doh.yerp,i'm going to celebrate the arrival of 20-10 with a 12-hrs journey on MH5+ 3hrs on ICE(Augsburg-Frankfurt).Na,i know you read this,nanti balik ami nok jupo tau!

My nephew(age 11) left a comment on my Wall.Do you think this is not cute?
Nie sorang baru.I have 2+4 others.Munchkins can be annoying especially when they team up to turn Tok Wan's(my father's) house upside down.But being cheeky makes them adorable,rindunya.I've been an aunty since 9 years young so basically i grow up with them hehe.The eldest niece is going to sit for SPM this year.I called her few weeks back when she just came back from the DS(dining hall),mkn macaroni for supper.Dahsyat ek budak MRSM sekarang,my time dulu mkn biscuit je.

ME: niece,cimie nak balik nie.anything u want?
NIECE: yeayyy,nak2.cik mie,bleh check satu bende for me?
ME: ok,apa?

ME:ape dia?spell for me please.
ME: a LAMB?you want a LAMB?
NIECE: Laa cimie nie,GWEN's label tueeeee.i want a handbag.tolong yeahh byeeee.
ME: ohhhh, take care.
****mane nak cari LAMB kat DE nie sayang****

I think she grows up looking like me,no?
Hubby ckp mana adela,except for the chinese eye(mata-sepet) hahaha.
gambar raya 2008

Yeay can't wait to see everyone at home but i'm getting worried too.Who's gonna feed hubby-cum-my-guineapig for that 1.5 months(hopefully,not more)? sobsob.

My knitted scarf is almost done,which explain the absence of entry for the past few days.
Have a nice weekend all!


zailamohamad said...

oh Ami nak kelik ko?? Jange lupo mari jale umah kak ila;)

Aida Narina said...

Mesti rasa tak sabar nak balik..Ami, ur hubby akan pulang juga ke after 1.5months? It must be a different feeling bila jumpa cousins aunty and all. Diorang mmg excited i pulang every year. Hope ami will have a great time balik nanti. As for now, ada 1.5months lagi, and enjoy urself over there with hubby u :)

Nadia Dzai said...

Amiii, for good eh?

Ami said...

k.ila: ado nasik kerabu daging bakar dok?huhu

aida: thanks aida!aah after 1yr+ tak balik kan.dulu 4 yrs kat states pon i balik every summer,best!

nadia: hihi not yet insyaAllah,balik apply visa.return ticket tak beli lagi sebab tak sure visa siap berape lama.

:: vErde+hAzizi :: said...

pergh gigih tue knit sendiri :)

takpe for 1.5months tue u feed him thru skype je :) hehehhehe

Anonymous said...

waaaa... siap knitting ami skag ni! :)
ohhh u nak balik sini eh? so u ade about 1.5 months nak masak sedap2 for hubby. hehee...

Ami said...

verde: hahaha i just need sth to kill my time verde.tapi hari tue dah demotivated jap,keluar je kedai yarn tgk2 ready made one is cheaper and lagi cantekk aiyak.

anon:aida?i balik on 01.01.baru belajar niee huhu

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