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harith ami & muhriz

Happy Birthday little one,
you're just as bright as the sun.

It's so fun watching all you do
know that mama and dada are so very proud of you

There's something about you little boy,
that you always set our hearts aglow

We're just so fortunate that you're ours.
You're a big thing to us we just have to make a fuss!hahaha

Happy 2nd birthday Muhriz,mama and dada love you so very much!Semoga membesar jadi anak yg soleh,berjasa pada agama dan keluarga,cemerlang di dunia dan akhirat insyaAllah.

Zoom out the last photo.Call us cheapskate,but we love homemade food.When you cook for your love ones,you made it with passion and love,that's how special it is.So when Muhriz was having his afternoon nap(2 hours mind ya) hubby and i berpusing2 kat dapor buat a carrot cake for him.Elok je kitorang nak bukak puasa,die jaga.Presented him this cake and you should see his face,macam terkujat like "eh mana dtg cake ni?"hahaha he didn't even have a bite(biasa la anak mak picky sket bab makan nak nasik je) but enjoyed main potong2 then....he dissappeared for a min,came back with a ball then threw the ball exactly on the cake yeahhh.Happy birthday again sayang,may you have fun and wonderful years ahead.


yun said...

wah, muhriz da turns week turn aqeef pulak...kejap je budak2 tu membesar kan?...happy birthday muhriz...moga jd anak yg soleh, membanggakan famili n sihat selalu....:)
eh ami, bile nk bg muhriz adik?!!!;p

Ami said...

yeayy pasni aqeef pulak.dah besar kan budak2 nie hehe tapi ami still panggil muhriz baby kadang2 tue eh mari berusaha kah kah

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