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harith ami & muhriz

In the cbsnews today! And i'm proud to be a Boilermaker! I worked so really hard to get good grades in Purdue and ended up in the Distinction list.Now i am even a prouder home maker,so what?hihi mode tak suke org ingat housewife nie uneducated,tak lepas spm,tak pandai drive ish ish

muka ketat =p


Siti said...

salam perkenalan ami... i just take a look ur convo's photo and i saw some familiar faces... do u know anne? the one on the far left in the 1st photo?is that her?

Ami said...

wsalam siti.thanks for dropping by hehe.anne ni housemate back in West Lafayette,owh satu mrsm juga dulu hehe

Siti said...

aah is it? i knew anne masa dia ada kat KYPM Bangi before dia g INTEC....then pernah visit dia...but since dia g US, mmg langsung lost contact...dia ada fb/email so that i can contact her again?

Ami said...

ok kat fb siti look for ruzanna mokhtar :)

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