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harith ami & muhriz

Had this conversation with hubby last nite

Me:Do you still remember Dr Hasliza(our gynae)told us it takes 18-24 months for the c-sect to fully heal so it's best for us to wait before i get pregnant again.But soon Muhriz will turn 18 months,abang dah ready for the second askar?hehe

Hubby: Of couse la,Muhriz dah besar nie.Tapinya..

Me: I know there are plenty of mak mak who have carried back-to-back after a c-section and they were just fine.Kak yah(my 2nd sis) pon kan

Hubby: I know,but that means you MIGHT have to give up breastfeeding Muhriz before he turns 2.And i know how much you would like to susukan him sampai 2 tahun kan?Nanti pregnant letih nak nenenkan muhriz lagi macamana,tau lah muhriz kan monster susu.

Me: Thanks abang hik hik

Terima kasih Allah for a very supportive hubby.When it's the breastfeeding call,hubby is into it as much as i am.The other day we went to look for a manual breastpump for his colleague's wife.Macam comel je bapak bapak discuss pasal breastfeeding.Hmm maybe i too can start selling manual pump jugak lepas nie.


aziyana said...

rindukan baby dh ke ami? hikhikhik

zailamohamad said...

akak dulu mengandung ameera masa haziq 10 bulan, terus susu kering..kesian haziq bila isap takde susu..ngamuk juga dia..pastu akak start keje dia tanak minum susu FM & botol..pening juga masa tu..huhuhu

iswatie "colours of life" said...

ami..mcm my hubby gak bila wati propose nak tambah bb no 4...nak tutup kilang cepat2 sblm further study but he remind me about breastfeeding Hana till 2 years...

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