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harith ami & muhriz

When you're expecting,it's the question everyone wants to know the answer to.Of course all you want is a healthy baby,but don't tell me deep down you are not hoping for a she or he hehehe.

Hubby and I?Mula mula we wanted a boy first.But going into 5 weeks,i told him a kak long would be fun too.Tapi lepas tue rasa nak boy semula ;p So being a fickle minded,saya tidak percaya kan naluri hati walaupon hati sy kata boy hiks.Masa 16 weeks check up,the gynae ckp there was a high chance for a boy,since then scan tiap2 bulan pon Muhriz budak tak malu asik tunjuk bird ;p

Ok anyway,you may have heard of all the old wives' tales;perut ke depan baby boy,melebar ke tepi girl,or is it vice versa?Tido ke kiri kanan macamana ntah.
Or tried the Chinese Calendar,or or makan asam to have a girl or more seafood to get a boy?eh again don't tell me tak pernah dengaq ;p
Hubby and I referred to none of those,we looked for a more scientific explanation instead;the ovulation calendar.meh nak share

There're 2 main uncertainties though ;
1) it's hard to be certain when do you ovulate 2)when exactly the conception happen.
But no harms trying,you still havve 50% of success rate hihi.Simple je,all u need to do is to look at the day of conception and the day of ovulation.Ovulation(waktu subur)selalunya on ~14th day of your menstrual cycle(count dari 1st day period).So,
-If conception occurred within 2-2.5 days of ovulation, you can expect for a boy.
-If conception occurred prior to 2-2.5 days before ovulation, you can predict for a girl.

This has to do with the nature of the types of sperm.The "girl" sperm tends to be stronger and live longer than the "boy" sperm but it is a slow swimmer.
The boy "sperm" tends to swim faster, and is more likely to beat the girl in the race to the victory.
So, it makes sense that if you and hubby go lovey dovey a day or 2 before your egg is released,the "boy" sperm would have died,leaving the "girl" But if conception occurs close to ovulation, the "boy" sperm are going swim like a champion,leaving the girls terkedek kedek

Our case?Went to Barcalona on my 13th day,before that mmg berehat sebab both hubby dan saya sgt busy and super tired.So Muhriz bukan Maisarah lah hasilnya kih kih

Tapi boy ke girl,itu Allah yg tentukan.Bukan semua girl a slow swimmer and who knows if your hubby pegi outstation hari ke 11 tapi you still get a boy?Tetapi tidak salah berusaha dan semestinya berdoa.Hahaha selamat mencuba!


aziyana said...

hahaha amie, dh tukar job ke skrg jadik consultant gender plak yerp? kui2..adik muhriz nnt plan la gigirl plok-maisarah ek

Ami said...

still domestic engineer yg berjaya haha maisarah tue saje jer,confirm dok kot nanti kang org panggil mai or sarah bukan full name.adik nanti2 boy ke girl tok kisah,askar belako ko nok kube rumoh huhu

zailamohamad said...

kak ila prefer girl untuk anak ke 4
Boy-Girl-Boy-Girl..susun molek;-)

mamaJong said...

Wow..such a gud info for my next 5years punyer planning..ihuhihui.
Tq ami

iswatie "colours of life" said...

Prefered boy tuk no 4 nanti be dpt 2 pasang. But honestly anak 1st till 3rd x pernah plan their gender. Semua with Allah blessed. But nanti no 4 kena plan vwtoi2 ler. Kena apply semua tips nak dpt boy.hehehe

Ami said...

muhriz nie pon tak plan tapi bile dah tau pregnant,mula la nak predict kan hehe.hihi selamat berusaha ye kawan kawan ;p

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