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harith ami & muhriz

Sy dan hubby sgt suka kan cuti cuti pulau.Tapi last ke Redang was 4 yrs ago?ke Perhentian pulak setahun sebelum tue.So it's been a while.Now that we have muhriz,lagi lah mak risau nak naik boat.When i saw this Jerejak 2D/1N voucher for just RM120,knowing that Jerejak is just few mins away from Penang(10 mins boat ride to be exact),tak pandang belakang dah terus beli.Murah kan?We made it to the island last friday since coupon x boleh guna for saturday/public holiday stay.

Everyone knows Jerejak Island offers no crystal clear sea or stretches of white sandy beaches.Macam nie takde.
Redang,few years back.Perfect beach.
It's just a nice island getaway for those who want to relax,enjoy the sea breeze without having to travel far.So don't expect much,tak dak org mandi pon kat pantai tue he he,byk jelly fish,plus kilang penuh seberang,ada beran?The resort has a lot of outdoor activities though; jungle tracking,flying fox,wall climbing,telematch games.So utk teambuilding sgt sesuai.

Alamak,askar kecik sudah bgn.sambung esok lah


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