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harith ami & muhriz

Happy birthday little one!
Grow up healthily,mama doakan semoga muhriz menjadi anak yg soleh,amin. As i wrote earlier in my fb,it feels like yesterday since we came back together from the hospital.Early parenthood was challenging and exhausting,with you waking up every 2 hrs for milk and nappy change.But it didnot matter as everyone was and still overwhelmed having you around. Mama and ayah/bapak/dada(which ever you wanna call him later=p) will always be there for you ok sayang?muaaaah!
first day

approaching 7 mths

just this morning :)ready to explore the world though still sleepy hehe


angah sam said...

happy birthday muhriz cayang! hehe..rambutnye pun dah panjang.hehe..tomey2 ni.. cepat nye dah setahun ek?ish2..irsyad pn dah 6 bulan.hukhuk.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, dear muhriz!


mamaJong said...

hepi belated bezday little muhriz...ummuuahh!
semoga membesar dgn sihat dan ceria selalu yer...

iswatie "colours of life" said...

Happy Birthday Muhriz!

Ami said...

thanks aunties for the wishes!

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