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harith ami & muhriz

How often do you wash your baby'stoys?Since muhriz started to put everything into his mouth,i buat this almost daily.Dulu teether just rendam in hot water je.So muhriz,ni lah keje mama every morning.Since muhriz bergigi nie,die dah tak layan dah soft toys nie.The rest yg i consider as hard toys(except teether),i used Dettols to clean them up.You can use white vinegar(mix together with equal part of water) too.

dilute some in a spray bottle

spray it

let it set for a few minutes and wipe with clean cloth to dry.
toys lining up to be cleaned.spongy tue tak la kan=p
make sure the toys mmg kering bila si kenit tue nak main it's best to do this cleaning when your baby is still sleeping.asal bgn je main main main hehe

Think about this,the toys lay on the floor most of the time,even you would not want to put something that lay on the floor for days into your mouth,right?So let's keep our baby happy with clean toys:)


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