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harith ami & muhriz

Semlm Muhriz joined us watching this documentary on outer space exploration.Bagusnya limitkan tv utk anak nie,die tak kisah pon kalau kat tv tu bukan cartoon ;p.Ok so came the rocket launching part and OMG mulut muhriz ckp wooooowwwwwww non stop.Bulat mata,bulat mulut ok silap dah ternganga dah mulut sambil ckp woowww.Kecoh satu rumah!hahaha

Apart from animals,my son loves big machines.They just amaze him.Sgt suka.Hubby once told me he just didnot get it when parents said anak diorang tak main dgn toys.Children are reflections of adults(especially parents)around them so maybe anak tak main sebab you never make an effort to sit down and play with them.
Saya amat sgt bersyukur menjadi a stay at home mama sebab i have all the time for Muhriz.If he asked me to join him with his trucks,konon2 we're at a construction site,jadi la mamanya truck driver yg ayu.Sometimes,ok silap,nie tiap2 hari main,he's always the tarzan,mama jadi elephant or cat,tarzan rides a cat pulak tue hua hua.Or semlm at 11pm babah still kene jadi goalkeeper,muhriz kick asik goal je.
Of course you can never require your children to follow your pursuit.But you can share and expose them to variety of things.Open up to their own interest areas.Once his interests are indentified,it's our job to encourage and support them.So anak mama nie nak jadi engineer ke nie?hehe asal anak soleh,tak kisah lah.


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