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harith ami & muhriz

I certainly need my blogging mojo back.Asik tulis,save or delete hehe.

So another week goes by.Minggu depan balik kg hurray!

Update on dudu;He just found out the way to climb his high chair.First he will make sure his fisher price bouncer is close enough to the high chair,then he will climb up the bouncer,stand on it and hang on to the high chair!sakit jantung mama asik nak memanjat nie.And currently he is obsessed with ripping pages off the book!So there goes few pages of my What to Expect,his bapa's Einstein Biography and his own TS book.Meal time turned into a battle time for 2 weeks until i gave up giving him rice porridge.Ok fine my 9 mths old son,dah besar ye,tanak bubur mama tak kasi bubur dah.So his menu will be something like this,nasi with chicken/chicken balls,fish/fishballs with veggie(carrot,timun,baby corn),steamed tofu,chicken spaghetti cooked with butter and fruits(honeydew,banana,apples,avocado) for snack.Utk mkn dgn nasi i usually buat soup je la but to serve,jgn bagi soup,he hates it huhu.Makan sendiri ok,mama boleh suap sikit2 jer.

Owh what we assumed was high fever previously was actually the symptom for measles(campak).Muhriz's temperature went up all the way to 40C and down for three days.Kesian baby,hubby pon ambil cuti.Muhriz had never been that sick before,never wanted to stay still tapi bile dah demam nie,jadi anak koala,wanted to be held and rest his head on our shoulders most of the time.On the fifth day,demam almost nak hilang but the rashes started to show up.Being first time parents,we went to the dr to confirm kan that was measles.So another 3 hari merengek-rengek,total up to 1 week!Taking care of a sick and cranky baby for one week was not easy.Nor it was fun.Cooking was out of question,mak pak tak mkn betul takpa.tak tido mlm takpa.What is hard is seeing our little one going through hard time,suffering and feeling uneasy.Now that he's back and crawling,nak suruh tido pon berperang ok hahaha.

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