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harith ami & muhriz

For a woman who is new to breastfeeding, support from hubby is very crucial.That is something money can't buy and that is the best thing our darling hubby can do when we are struggling through the first few weeks of nursing,when we are still confused and incompetent.I think i wrote it here before,if it hadn't been for hubby's support,i may not be confident to breastfeed our little one for this long.
People need to know that fathers these days are also aware and support breastfeeding too.And i am not surprise when some fathers or fathers-to-be contact me enquiring about the breastpump!Kudos to you!

Anyway,here are some ways how hubby shows that he supports me:

He helps to wash and sterilise the breast pumps and bottles then assemble the pump again.
In a steam sterilizer.Yes,it is as easy as ABC but action speaks better than words :)

He never questioned my purchase of the expensive pump and other breastfeeding related products.
In fact,he was the one who surveyed and purchased the freestyle for me kihkih,alhamdulilah.Kalau lah hubby ckp "Alah,beli yg cheapest one in store je",maunya mama meroyan nak freestyle nie last2 kene beli jugak ;p Breastfeeding is supposed to be free, but having a good pump make breastfeeding easier and convenient.And being me,pantang org kate makan ini itu boleh boost milk production,semua i try and hubby never complained.

He reads about breastfeeding and promotes breastfeeding to others
Hubby was initially more knowledgeable than i am about breastfeeding.He was the one who handled and stored the breastmilk.When i pumped,he was the one who marked and stored the milk(why past tense?sebab sekarang i stop pump kejap hiks).He often asks other parents if their babies are breastfed hahaha,sapa2 anak minum susu lembu,larikkk,JK!He often tells them he believes muhriz is hardly get sick due to breastfeeding.

He too woke up during night feeding
I fed the baby,he burped him.Muhriz was not a colicky baby but to burp him took sometimes,puas tepuk belakang,letak kat bahu la.Usually i gave up on this and passed him to hubby.

He is proud when I breastfed in public.
And by that,i am even prouder of him.Whenever Muhriz wants to nenen,he will accompany me to the nursing room or kalau budak tue dah melalak nak nenen there and then jugak,he will take out the nursing cover from our baby bag,put it on me and help to shield however possible.

So daddies,you don't have to feel left out.Your role makes a difference.
I hope more guys out there will support breastfeeding :)


angah sam said...

Alhamdulillah..sam pun mcm ni gak.kalo tak, awal2 tu mmg bole give up kan.huhu.nasib ade supportive hubby.kite pn bole tolong die jimat kan duit drpd beli FM ;P hehe..

Ami said...

betul angah.tue aa,nasib baik dpt hubby yg supportive kan hehe.mmg awal2 tue dgn letih nye,tak berape pandai nye,boleh give up.aa tue tak kire berape duit jimat tue,betu betul betul ;p

Anonymous said...

Love this! Sangat bersyukur ada suami yang supportive kan... Bf in public is no crime. Keep bf'ing your child! You go girl!

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