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harith ami & muhriz


InsyaAllah esok dah 1 May.May is a special month for us.In 16 days,Muhsin will turn 1.Our baby miracle :)
Alhamdulillah sekarang sihat2 aje.Monday ni ada DTPA test di radiology dept,HKL.The test is to check how the kidney's doing after his operation last Nov.Mama doakan semuanya ok untuk sayang mama ni. Muhsin sekarang mmg tak ada health problem apa2.Kalau yg tak tahu,mmg tak akan sangka all the things he had to go through.He had his 5th surgery last December,4 weeks before we went back to Malaysia.But I didnot blog about that.Mama doakan itulah surgery last untuk anak mama ni.

Muhsin @1 day old :)

I didn't get to see n touch him until day 3.So hubby lah amik gambar n showed to me :)


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