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harith ami & muhriz

huhu baru 15 weeks dah pikir.Dulu we found out it was Muhriz not Muhrizah masa 16 weeks.Next week ade appointment and i just can't wait.Kami nie parents yg suka find out ahead of time and do not mind telling others about our babies' genders.For us macam tu easing things out.Boleh pick gender specific items for the baby because unisex clothing is no fun i tell ya.Boleh narrow down the list of names or even start calling him/her the chosen name.And most importantly senang nak prepare Muhriz la of his little brother/sister's arrival.But i know ramai juga parents yg prefer to wait until the d-day.Ramai juga yg find out the gender but keep to themselves hehe.2nd baby nie ada dah dgr suara2 di belakang tabir ckp biarlah girl baru sepasang.Seriously kamu semua,kami tidak kisah.Unlike 1st pregnancy dulu,this time i donot secrectly hope for one gender over the other.Dulu mmg la ada sikit2 harap boy kan hehe.This time mana2 pon okay,another boy will add the fun of rumah bersepah,tukar diapers kene pakai apron,kuat mengempeng,semua benda pon jadi truck or crane kekeke.Kalau girl,it will be totally a new experience.So okay je.Hubby penah ckp camne eh kalau semua anak boy?hahahaha

oklah babaii,nak gi sambung mop lantai


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