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harith ami & muhriz

Happy New Year all!
Whoops lmbt eh,3rd Jan baru nak wish hehe.

We didnt join the crowd for New Year count down,saye takot fireworks jatuh atas kepala lagi huhu.Macam biase in Deutschland nie,kalau on public holidays,semua kedai including shopping mall akan tutup.So we just stayed indoor,tgk tv,masak and study!
Hee kate students kan,hubster's exam starts in 2 weeks while yours truly cam biase lah,buat coursework!

Wokie,2009's plan:

-To complete my MSc by end of Sept insyaAllah
-To get preggy.Hee dah 2 yrs+ jeolous tgk org lain ade baby :p!
-If hubby succeeds his plan A,i need to polish my Deutsch kot:p
-Mau balik msia end of the year!Be it just for holiday or for good,tgk rezeki.
-To save more and spend less since there're going to be a lot of travelling between London and Munich(and other parts of Europe i hope!)


azie said...

happy new year ami...moga success in ur study...balik msia nk kirim lv seketol bleh..?hehhe

Anonymous said...

i missed the tie rack laaaa... =(
nnti kalau ade new stock bgtau eh


Aida Narina said...

happy new year darling. =)
nice knowing u.

Ami said...

Azie: Happy new year to you too azie!Balik msia insyaAllah end of the year,belanje ami sekali boleh?:p

Aida: Ahaa,you were OOO until 4th of Jan kan?tapelah,next time ok?

Aida Narina: Happy New year to you too dear.Thanks for visiting!

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