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harith ami & muhriz


Malish Ilaria is by far the most wanted Malish Pump, it's one of the most affordable heavy duty breastpumps with very good reviews in the market.Kalau mommies mmg aim to breastfeed n express susu,you need a good pump.Bagus dan harga berpatutan is a double bonus! 

Now LactaHero ada sale,Ilaria + GabaG for RM450 only. GabaG design is trendy,but what's more important is,it can keep your milk cool for 16hours!Best tue, 2packs of ice gel ada disertakan.
Retail Price for GabaG(picnic collection) alone is RM89 to RM97.So RRP for this package is RM 539+

Nak GabaG aje pon boleh.Or Ilaria with the free gifts pack pon ada.Check out fb LactaHero ye,tenkiu!


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