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harith ami & muhriz

Alhamdulillah,Muhsin was allowed to go home 10 days after the surgery(9.11.2013).It was supposed to be the "simplest" surgery among the 5 he needed.Surgery was successful and my brave boy tak payah morphin pon.He woke up 2hrs after the surgery and was sent back to his room,tak payah dok ICU dulu.So we thought everything was good,in 3 days boleh balik.Turned out not!Muhsin caught this rare post operative bacteria infection which sent him to NICU for 2 days.Surgery was on Thursday, Sat afternoon,tiba2 aja badan menggeletar,mulut berbuih,vomitting,stretch kaki,badan,temp shot to almost 40.I had never seen him so sick before :( So I rang the nurse,nurse terus panggil surgeon but he said maybe just sakit from the operation as they had started to reduce the painkiller.Ok fine but deep inside dah rasa it was something else.Mlm Sabtu jadi lagi,around 2am and after painkilller.I was almost right,kalau sakit sebab operate kenapa lepas dah bagi painkiller jadi macam tue.The surgeon yg on call dtg lagi and said they would send him for CT scan to see for possible tremor(in some cases body shivering relates to tremor).I knew the dr was wrong,I knew his condition tak ada kene mengena dgn otak!If it was not the withdrawal symptom(from the painkiller) it must be something else.So ahad pagi,again temp shot to 40 but this time no shivering so we knew already,mesti infection,so terus amik darah and muhsin was sent to NICU.the surgeon described his condition as very ill :( NICU is one place I dread going back,it's too much for me.It reminds me of Muhsin previous condition,his 38 hospital stay right after birth.But they had no choice,NICU ramai nurses.I was not allowed to sleep there so I told the nurse kalau Muhsin nangis just called me,I would be sleeping in the surgical ward downstairs.So they did.Pukul 3 pagi,pukul 5 pagi.Muhsin dah start takot nurse,doctors so they had to cover his bed so Muhsin tak nampak nurse or doctor lalu lalang.2 days in NICU and 3 different antibiotics,6 times kene amik darah tangan kanan kiri,kaki kanan kiri,they released him back to the surgical ward on Wednesday.The drainage from kidney needed to stay until urine was clear from bac.So for the next 3 days,macam tuh lah cycle nye antibiotics,blood test,urine test.Mlm mamanya tak tido mana since the nurse came in every 2-3hours to check the drainage,give antibiotics,clear the urine bag,bgn pump lagi.Around 5am adik dah bgn.So mmg mak panda lah mama but it's okay,to see him smiling again hilang penat semua.Masa kene infection tue all the nurses and dr comment ckp Muhsin dah tak senyum,dulu suka senyum.Of course la kan,tiap2 hari kene amik darah sapa boleh senyum.So we went home on Sat afternoon,tapi monday pegi balik,another blood test and the dr dah confirm lab ckp mmg tak ada bac dah,urine pon dah okay.The surgeon ckp bacteria tue rare dan ganas,that was why he was so sick.Alhamdulillah Allah permudahkan semua akhirnyaSurgery site dah okay,no more dressing and scan pon kidney is working fine again,wee wee makin byk!So this Monday ada follow up with his atuk(HOD heheh) and he will decide on the date of his last operation.

Right after the operation

 Puffy face.
 Drainage direct from kene hati hati
 Our room was empty.Adik kat NICU
 NICU.demam :(

 Back in surgical ward.
 Boring kat katil dok dlm babywagen
 Abg as Mr Dr hehe
 In playroom.Not too far from our room.
 See his happy face?

 His med.Masa 1st operation he got 13 of these.Can u imagine?
 Thanks Christian.His fav nurse.We will come back in a month


afiewithayie said...

smoga cepat sembuh yea muhsin..

Ami said...

tenkiu :)

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