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harith ami & muhriz

My baby angel
So very distant yet still before my soul
Watching through the glass wall
I seem to lost control
Ten tiny fingers ten even smaller toes
20 more reasons for me to see you grow
My baby hero
Be stronger,hold on
A world awaits for you,beyond this wall
I know in time you’ll see it all
You have a family, you’re not alone
We’ll be here with you
To love and care for you
Together we will see this through

My baby hero,we will help you come home

Day 35: I don't have the heart to put his photos dgn wires berselirat awal2 operate hari tue,with breathing tubes and stuff,yg itu we will keep for ourselves,hanya kami yg tahu betapa kuat budak mata bolat mama ni.My baby boy had a tough start of life but he made it.We're so very proud of you sayang!Now mama,babah and abang are counting days to take you home!

 No more tubes =)


bibi yusof said...

Muhsin sgt bam bam and comel.. Cepat cepat boleh balik rumah k..
Ami u are such a strong mother.. I'm so proud of you.. Take a good care of yourself and muhsin

Mai Okinokiyo said...

Ami! Congrats and alhamdulillah. The entry put me back to the ground and made me think that everything is Allah's plan to make us better person, insyaAllah. Baby is sooo cute and yes big eyes!

Anonymous said...

Tahniah, Alhamdullilah , Take care

Anonymous said...

Ami, Muhsin ni kecik2 jadik hero malaya doh.comel che leli rasa mcm nak tambah baby je hehe.definitely a fighter *insert lagu cristina aguilera*.semoga Muhsin jadi anak soleh mengembirakan hati mama,babah & abg.
take care ami & family.get well soon Muhsin.cepat balik msia nak jumpe nk gigit pipi comel dia hehe.semoga cepat blk umah DE
xoxo che leli, che mijang & abang imad

Puan Jiha said...

Congrates dear...comelnye baby.. such a strong baby ;)

Oh my son dulu pon berselirat wayar and intubated huhuh...tak amek gambar tp still fresh dalam memory

my lil fighter

Pinkwatch said...

muhsin is reaaly one tough boy! dengan wayar berselirat pon hensem sangat dengan mata bolat!! bikin auntie geram lah!

take care ami.. *hugs*

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