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harith ami & muhriz

as of now,muhriz is able to:
- shout abaaahhh,abaahhh,abaahhh when looking for me or hubby or his nenens ;p
-leaf through pages and point to the figures.tapi still kadang2 koyakkan jugak!
-clap his hand,especially when i turn on the 'if you're happy' song
-cruise,stand alone,take a baby step.after the first step,terus duduk hehe it's ok son,they say practise makes perfect kan,so take your time!
-point to things he wants
-roll balls back to us
-pick tin2y object and then put into his mouth!!
-drink water from his bottle independently yeayyy!

can't believe he's turning into a toddler in a month!puasa pon mama belum habis ganti lagi hehe.i have another 9 days to go ;p


zailamohamad said...

Khenak molek mama dio nya letak Muhriz dale beg;P

Ami bertuah sebab dapat tengok Muhriz membesar depan mata;)

Ami said...

k.ila: tue die masuk sendiri,mama adjust sket2 bagi napok tok tertonggeng sgt hehe.le ning suko jadi spenderman,pakai cd tidak berbaju budak nie.alhamdulillah,mamanye still a SAHM :)

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