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harith ami & muhriz

The trip back home was quite an eventful one.Bad weather caused flight turbulence,but alhamdulillah,nothing serious.My flight was delayed for almost and hour.And the Dubai airport could not be busier.Tade delay pon dah amat busy,ini with tones of flight being delayed,airport itu amat lah packed with manusia.Tapi alhamdulillah,after all the drama,i safely arrived at KLIA at 130am feuwwww!Sampai rumah sissy in kajang pon dah almost 3am.Sempat tido for half an hour aje since i needed to catch the 7am flight to Penang plak.Penat!

Update on the Praha/Prague trip will come later.
It was another extremely wonderful Europe trip with hubby ;)

To hubby,I miss you terribly!!
Honey tade nie,do eat,sleep and study well ya,muaahhh.
Ich vermisse dich sehr :(
Urghh my German sudah berkarat.
aha,there's an accident at our carpark semalam.I guess the driver was so "smart" as she's speeding up instead of slowing down mase mau parking.Did i mention "she"?=p.From the plate number,this Smart ForFour should be around 1-2 mths old kot,sgt baru huhu!
I remember during the company's Gender Diversity Forum few months back,a lady suggested to have separate parking areas for the guys and the ladies.At that time,the main concern was on the ladies safety,macam stay late after office hour ke.So,having the ladies carpark closer to the building elok sgt la kan.But it remains a proposal.
Tapi sekarang,I guess all the male employees will raise both hands to accept the idea;p
Jgn risau City,Smart mesti boley bayar semuanya.


kombat said...

alahai smart... hehe.. mcm-mcm gak eh accident kat parking ofis ami? ari tu, terbakar kan? :D
tadi kat tepi jln ofis ana ni, satu nissan merah sudah kena blasah. tak tau sapa buat. pecah cermin pastu kemek tang pintu. agaknya, sudah blok jln kot. huhuhu

ami said...

aah ana,hari tue ade kete terbakar.macam2 kan.loh,sian nissan tue,sampai pecah cermin nggan kemek pintu,ade org x puas hati ngan die kotnye kan?

My1stWardrobe said...

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